photo_25This blog was born out of love… for learning and teaching languages and for my son, whose fate to become a bilingual was sealed even before he was born. I’m Polish, my husband is Serbian, we met in Paris, but we live in Canada and together we speak more or less fluently 5 languages. Our son was consistently exposed to three, and very often four, languages from early childhood.

Now, he’s four and a half years old. He started speaking later than children his age, but currently he is able to communicate in three languages. However, his mastery of each language is different and I’m looking for new interesting ways to encourage his language skills development. Given our specific situation, it won’t be an easy task, but I hope it will be fun!

This blog is a space where I’d like to share some interesting information about bilingualism, language learning and teaching processes, as well as some ideas and activities that I come up with to support my son in his journey of language acquisition. I would like this site to serve as an inspiration to parents and families who are in a similar situation.