Birthday Party!

photo43Are you looking for ways to practice your minority language with your child? Every occasion is a gift then! 🙂

My son is turning 5 years old. He can’t wait for his birthday party, so I thought it would be great to use this excitement in the learning process. It’s hard sometimes to incorporate minority language or culture into each celebration. This year at my son’s birthday party the guests will be coming from different backgrounds, but none of them speaks our languages. So except “Happy Birthday” that we may sing in three languages, the main language of fun and celebration will be English. I decided then to play “a party-planner” with my son.

Goal: “plan” a birthday party

Time: 10-15 minutes

Here’s what we did:

We sat down and we started talking about consecutive steps required for throwing a party, in Polish , of course:

  1. list of guests
  2. invitations
  3. preparing the space (decorations)
  4. preparing food
  5. preparing giveaway bags
  6. preparing a birthday cake with candles
  7. sing “Happy Birthday”
  8. making a wish
  9. opening presents
  10. cleaning

We talked about each point trying to figure out who will do what, when and how. Certain points, like
“opening the presents”, were discussed more thoroughly than other, like “cleaning” for example 😀 .

Vocabulary in focus:

New vocabulary: pomyśleć życzenie, girlandy, krepina, (to make a wish, garlands, crepe paper)

Reviewed vocabulary: zaproszenie, zaprosić, goście, tort, zdmuchnąć świeczki, sprzątać, prezenty, jedzenie, dekoracje, gotować, piec, balony (invitation, to invite, guests, a birthday cake, to blow candles, to clean, gifts, food, decorations, to cook, to bake, baloons)

My son was very excited and very actively participated in this brainstorming. That was also a way to extend his joy of the celebration itself 🙂 .

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