Bookmark – an introduction to reading :)

photo50Here’s a very simple idea for an activity that will allow you to practice a second language with your child and that will encourage him/her to read books.

The first time we made a bookmark, my son loved it ! So made more and we gave them away as gifts to our friends. But the first one, we kept and we still use it.

Goal: learn how to make AND use a bookmark

Time: 10 minutes

Here’s what we did:

First we talked about the way we use a bookmark; what it’s for and why. Then I cut out a long rectangle out of a cardboard and we made a hole in the corner. My son decorated it with paints and his own photo (I had a small one and he asked if he could use it). At the end, he picked a ribbon that we attached where the hole was and we let it dry. Not for too long though because he was impatient to see how to use it J .

Vocabulary in focus:

New vocabulary: zakładka, wstążka, dziurkacz, pędzelek (bookmark, ribbon, ^^6^^^ brush)

Reviewed vocabulary: farby, naklejki, kredki, ozdabiać, rysować, przyklejać, (paints, stickers, crayons, decorate, to draw, to stic)

This bookmark is special to me and it’s special to my son. I think that it is because of the photo. It makes it personal and it makes my son feel important and special himself. This is THE bookmark J and we’ve been using it now for years.

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