Father’s Day – a gift of words!

Would you like to make your child excited about speaking a second language? Make the practice a special gift! 🙂

photo16I love the gifts made by children because they prepare them with joy and enthusiasm and they truly want us to enjoy them. There’s no better idea for a gift for Father’s Day. I told my son we would make a surprise for Daddy and that alone made his day! We had to whisper and keep a secret for a few days – it’s was not easy 🙂 . I came up with the idea of making a play “Little Red Riding Hood” with paper puppets that was based on one of the episodes of Peppa Pig.

Goal: memorize the lines in Serbian and the order of appearance for puppets

Time: 60-80 minutes

Here’s what we did:

My son still likes the cartoon about Peppa Pig, so he owns 3 DVD’s and a book about the friendly pig, all of them in Serbian. I suggested we watch first the episode “Školjska predstava” to see how many puppets and what exactly we would need to prepare our play. Then, looking at the pictures in the book I drew our protagonists (I checked again how their costumes looked like in the cartoon). My son cut out our puppets out and coloured them with unseen so far dedication! 🙂 We also made a little banner with the title and another one with the word “Applause” to show them in the beginning and at the end of the show – my son wrote both of them by himself. Then, we watched the same episode again, so I could write down all the lines. After that we prepared a simple stage made of a carton box and paper, and it was time to rehearse! He was so excited that he couldn’t remember what to do; it took us a few trials to make it work 🙂 , but he managed to remember almost everything. It was all absolutely cute!

Vocabulary in focus:

New vocabulary: scena, przedstawienie, bohaterowie, pacynki, kurtyna, aplauz (stage, play, protagonists, puppets, curtain, applause)

Reviewed vocabulary: wyciąć, pomalować, napisać, obejrzeć, przykleić, ucieszyć się, postarać się, nauczyć się, zapamiętać, przygotować (to cut out, to colour, to write, to watch, to glue, to be happy, to make effort, to learn, to memorize, to prepare)

The play was a huge success! And we made a video to save this cute memory.


* The text of the play in Serbian:

Mala Crvenkapa – Little Red Riding Hood

Dete: Dami i gospoda, dobrodošli u predstavu Mala Crvenkapa!

Dani Pas -Vuk: Ja sam veliki strašni vuk. Bako iđi u ormar!

Peppa -Mala Crvenkapa: Ja sam Mala Crvenkapa, idem da posetim baku.

Ti nisi baka. Imaš velike oči, imaš velike zube. Ti nisi baka! Ti si veliki strašni vuk! U pomoć! U pomoć!

U pravi čas, lovac Pedro…

Pedro-Lovac: Spasao sam te bako!

Baka: Hvala!

Dete: Aplauz!


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