Halloween – a slightly different approach :)

photo47Do you ever wonder what to do with your child’s old Halloween costume? Have you ever wished you used it more than once? I certainly did. Then, I came up with an idea how to use a Halloween costume while… learning a language!

For last Halloween my son was dressed as a fireman. He wore it twice: before Halloween for pumpkin carving and on Halloween’s day. The costume is a pretty good quality and looks nice and I have nobody to give it to… I thought that I would use my son’s fascination with firemen and fire trucks in a play then.

Goal: learn what’s the emergency number, how and when to call for help

Time: 15-40 minutes

Here’s what we did:

We sat down and came up together with a general scenario: there is an emergency; a fire alarm goes on on because of a fire. I’m calling for help and my son is a fireman. First we talk on the phone. The fireman needs to ask what happened and where to come. Then, he comes (with all his fire trucks and a water gun – used only when we were playing on the balcony) and saves the situation giving me directions what to do to get to a safe place.

My son liked this game a lot, so we had a few variations in the scenario: a false alarm, a cat on the tree, a lost dog, etc.

We would repeat certain words or sentences, but he didn’t mind it at all; he was very focused on the actual activity.

Vocabulary in focus:

New vocabulary: potrzebować pomocy, zgłoszenie, ugasić pożar, gaśnica, na pomoc! (to need help, to extinguish a fire, fire extinguisher, help!)

Reviewed vocabulary: pożar, straż pożarna, strażak, wóz strażacki, alarm przeciwpożarowy, wypadek, niebezpieczeństwo, (fire, fireman,fire station, fire truck, fire alarm, accident, danger)

When we switched the roles and I was the fireman… I didn’t try to wear his costume though 🙂 . Anyway, the costume was only an inspiration, something to attract my son’s attention. It adds some fun,but it’s not mandatory at all. After a while he was hot and he wanted to take it off, but we were still playing and having fun 🙂 .


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