Homemade Advent Calendar

photo49Have you ever wondered how to make Christmas time more exciting with learning a language? Homemade Advent Calendar can make the waiting time very special! It also gives an amazing opportunity to talk with your child about culture, tradition and customs.

Last year was the first year when my son was able to understand the spirit of holidays. He felt it. This year I decided to make it even more special.

Goal: learn about Polish Christmas customs

Here’s what I did:

I prepared little separately wrapped gifts for my son. The content and the form depend on personal preferences of course. But each package contains also a question (or a task to do) related to Christmas. Some of them are very easy and allow my son to show his knowledge; the others serve more as an inspiration to talk about different ways to celebrate Christmas. For example:

  1. When do we celebrate Christmas?
  2. Sing a Christmas carol!
  3. How do we decorate Christmas tree?
  4. How many are there traditional Christmas dishes served for Christmas Eve’s dinner?
  5. When do we start Christmas Eve’s dinner?

I have to say that I was extremely happy with the way my son reacted to this activity. At first he was amazed by the idea that he would get 24 gifts. Then every morning he would run to the calendar to get his package. After the third day he would wait with opening the gift until we talked about the question. I consider it a full success!

I’m thinking of going through all the questions on Christmas Eve, before the dinner. I know he won’t be able to remember all the answers, so I’m going to reuse the same questions (or similar) next year! 🙂

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