“Multitasking in language acquisition”

photo48Would you like your child to have more occasions to practice the second language? Smart multitasking might come in handy!

I’m not a big fan of multitasking; I’m not a big opponent either. It just all depends on how we use it. Sometimes it’s amazingly simple and gives great results!

The three situations that I try to use to practice other languages with my son are:

  • eating (in general I believe that a meal should be enjoyed on its own, however it offers some precious time and allows to easily gather the attention of the child)
  • taking a bath or a shower,
  • commuting,
  • shopping.

Whether it’s a planned activity (singing, reviewing certain vocabulary like the name of the months, even reading) or a simple conversation, I always enjoy knowing that I used the time well. From my experience, I can also tell that the long-term results of combining certain activities are wonderful thanks to their habit building potential!

If we do it consistently it will add up to lots of precious minutes and hours of language practice in our child’s everyday life.

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