On a windy summer day… let’s make a kite!

photo42Do you speak to your child in a minority language? Do you ever get the impression that she/he does not remember the vocabulary that you use fairly often? There’s a way to check that! Use this activity to review useful words or expressions that will facilitate the communication with your child.

Goal: remember where to find certain tools and how to use them

Time: 20 minutes

Here’s what we did:

I prepared a list of all needed tools and materials such as: scissors, sticks, colourful paper, string, glue, pins, etc. Most of them have their usual spots and my son knows where to look for them. The rest was waiting in some accessible places.

This time I wanted my son to be more involved in the whole process of preparation not only creation of the final product. We would check the list, read each position and my son would bring it to our crafting spot. My son enjoyed this part. He likes having responsibilities.

It’s also more dynamic, it keeps the motivation up and it allows practicing certain vocabulary in a different way.

  • What do we need next? Scissors? Do you know where they are?
  • Yes, in the kitchen, in the drawer.
  • So, bring them. And the sticks are in the blue box in your room. Did you find them? How many are there?
  • Five.
  • But we need only two of them. Bring only two.


Once we gathered everything we needed, we made our kite. As usually, I was explaining everything that needed to be done and I was asking my son questions to make him involved not only in the crafting but also in the dialog.

Vocabulary in focus:

New vocabulary: latawiec, pinezka, puszczać latawce, związać, (kite, pin, fly a kite, to tie)

Reviewed vocabulary: przynieść, znaleźć, przyczepić, przykleić, przygotować, wyciąć, miejsce pracy, ogon, patyk (to bring, to find, to fix, to glue, to prepare, to cut out, work place, tail, stick)

Then, of course, it was time to try it out outside. To tell you the truth, the only time I have made a kite it was when I was in elementary school. I was a bit afraid that the one I made with my son wouldn’t really fly, so… I bought one in the store ahead of time. Just in case, to avoid any disappointment 🙂 .

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