Teach me how to make a fan!

photo45Do you ever use your child’s ideas to help him practice your mother tongue?

The other day my son had a brilliant idea! I don’t know why we ended up talking about a fan (he must have made it at school) and then my son asked me if I wanted him to make a fan for me. Of course I did!

Goal: learn how to explain how to make a fan and what we need to make it

Time: 5 minutes

Here’s what we did:

Frist, I asked what we needed to make it and then I asked my son to teach me how to make it. He would explain all the steps and he would show me what to do.

Vocabulary in focus:

New vocabulary: zszywacz, zszyć, składać/zginać (stapler, to staple, to fold)

Reviewed vocabulary: papier, kartka, ważne dokumenty,wstążka (sheet of paper, important documents, ribbon)

It’s fast and easy to make a fan, but it took us some time to figure out that we needed a stapler! My son didn’t know the word for it neither in English nor in Polish. He was very resourceful trying to explain to me what he had in mind. He managed; it was cute and funny 🙂 .

This is a very easy activity but it allows to introduce 2-3 new words. It’s good to redo it a few times with various members of the family.

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